Digital X-ray


The Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX system allows the user to view images in just 6 seconds after x-ray exposure. The Digital Vet DX incorporates a high frequency veterinary x-ray with amoveable tubestand, floor mounted, and a veterinary table with a 59” (1500mm) 4 way floating top.

The image is conveniently displayed on the same Touch Screen Operator Console that is integrated into the x-ray unit. This SingleTouch Monitor System is the ONLY fully integrated X-Ray System, on the market. Learn more about our SingleTouch Monitor System

The Digital Vet DX uses CCD technology to capture digital images in a simple, direct manner. No more handling of cassettes or searching for lost films.

The workstation software includes: image correction; patient data base management, invert, histogram, measure and edge enhancement tools, window level and magnifier. It is DICOM compliant. Worklist query allows preloading of the scheduled patient information. Patient information may also be entered directly from the workstation.

All of our X-Ray Machines are Digital Ready.
If you currently have a VetRay Film x-ray machine, Digital Upgrade packages are available.
Learn more about our Digital Upgrade Package Here

Discover unparalleled image quality from Sedecal – the ultimate in Veterinary X-Ray

100% Fill Factor
CCD technology utilizes all-detecting semiconductor materials, resulting in complete image capture. The resulting digital radiograph is 100% “real” image – requiring no interpolation or extrapolation of data that is not there.

Rapid Exposure
Experience exposure on demand. Images are displayed in 6 seconds, and the system is instantly available for repeat exposures.

16 Bit High Definition Digital
The VetRay Digital Machines feature the highest image processing resolution available.

5 Year Warranty

Superior Side-by-Side Specifications
Image quality and its impact on diagnostic confidence is at the center of digital radiography. Vet-Ray Technology exceeds competitive product specifications in critical areas, including:

  • 16.8 million pixels (over twice as many pixels as other flat panel detectors)
  • Up to 5.0 line pairs per mm
  • <100 micron pixel pitch

Benefits of going Digital:

  • Enhanced soft tissue visualization
  • Instant acquisition, review, and evaluation of images
  • Additional X-Ray applications (during surgery)
  • Immediate digital image filing
  • Hospital-wide file and image sharing
  • Access to specialists via telemedicine
  • DICOM based telecommunication (allows you to work with multiple referral groups, and private facilities)
  • Enhanced client education


  • Costly retakes
  • Film and chemistry costs
  • Processor maintenance
  • Space-loss for dark room
  • Searching for old films
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Your client’s waiting time