Mixed Animal System

Single Panel Digital Imaging X-ray System

Our Mixed Animal Practice Solution features a single flat panel Canon 50G in combination with our DX-C Companion Animal X-ray System and our EPX-2 Large Animal Portable X-ray System.

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Standard Features

Preview 14″ x 17″ field size image 3-5 seconds after exposure. Single Panel System with portable, military grade, touch screen laptop.

Image field size Spacial resolution Scintillator
14″ x 17″
12″ x 16″
(customer’s choice)
2.8 lp/mm
3.5 lp/mm
(Cesium also available)
  • Orthopedic Templating Software
  • 24” Viewing Monitor
  • Viewing Stations
  • Digital Dental
  • PACS